NG Group of companies was established in 1999 and has expanded to accommodate several businesses and investment projects in various industries such as Coal Mining and Investments, Logging, Shipping and Information Technology

One of the most successful projects is the coal mining and investment projects that are operating in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Based on our experience in the logistics of coal and the constant demand from our end users, NG Group of companies was formed with the main aim of acquiring new and existing mines to fulfill the demand of our international buyers.

Our mining & investments division - PT. Euro Asia Exports & Industries (EAEI) - is established in 1999.

In 2008, EAEI have acquired a 15,000 ha mine in Merak / Long Bagun, East Kalimantan. NG Group of Companies acquired the exploration license and thus have commenced drilling the mine area.

Enn Gee Coal Co. Pvt Ltd. (EGCC) was established in 2011 and office located in Chennai - Tamil Nadu, India

Together partner with EAEI, We have direct access to mines ranging from GCV 5100 to 6300 kcal / kg GCV ADB. WE have been supplying high calories coal to China, Thailand and India.

PT Buana Karya Nusantara (BKN) was established in the year of 2000, according to the law of Indonesia. BKN is engaged in Timber exporting

We are handling mainly Indonesian Teak wood, marbabu and Indonesian padak. In the logging industry we have more than 3000 employees

Our trading division - PT Nasindo Jaya - was established in 2002 in Indonesia and is concentrating in sales promotion of NG Rice and Gulf Oil distribution.

NG Rice captures 60% market share in Central Kalimantan. With the help of International player Gulf Oil , Nasindo jaya is trying to get the monopoly in Oil sector.

PT. DAYA ESA MULYA MANDIRI provides engineered products and services to the oil and gas. With over 12-years of combined experience company has established a long and friendly relationship with the customers.

NG Group here glad to announce that we have under taken 'PT. DAYA ESA MULYA MANDIRI' on Septemeber 2014.

Together with our local partner, Rimba Raya Group and Milam Group, EAEI is pursuing to IPO this mine in Hong Kong stock exchange. Production is expected to initiate in the second quarter of 2010

We are the real supplier so there’s no another third party beside us. All deals with our trading division will be officially covered by contracts.

Timber from milled logs is sold either locally to different companies in the UAE market or exported to other countries like Muscat, Bahrain, Jordan and other European countries.

Gulf oil has a wide range of lubricants specially developed for commercial vehicles operating on diesel as well as on gas

The primary goal of the company is to provide our customers with a fast, easy, and safe way to supply, service and operate products and accessories from a wide variety of manufacturers.

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